Creative Coffee Gift Card Holders

Since this is my son’s first year of preschool, it’s also my first time getting gifts for his teachers. I decided to go for Starbucks gift cards since there are seven teachers at the school and I wanted to get gift cards that weren’t too pricey but still actually useful for the teachers. I think a lot of other moms come to the same conclusion because there are many pics on Pinterest on how to creatively present your teachers with their coffee gift cards.

While I enjoyed the numerous “Thanks a Latte!” options (and may use them in future years) I just loved these fake Starbucks wrappers from alphamom with their educationally minded Starbucks lady and decided to use them.

Even though they said to use a kid-size cup, I went for one size up because I wasn’t sure my gift cards would fit. I think that it would have looked better if it was a plain white Starbucks cup underneath (or if I had followed directions to begin with!), but the lovely people at Starbucks were willing to give them to me for free and they still look nice and seasonal so I can’t really complain too much.

Gift card holders


The really cute thing about these printables is that there’s a space on the side where you’d normally check off “decaf” or “soy milk” but instead they say things like “smart” and “kind”. And there’s just enough white space left to write your “Happy Holidays” message to the teacher.

Check boxes


Thanks again to Alphamom for this great free printable! I think Alex’s teachers will be very happy with their gift cards and I am certainly happy to give them in such a cute container!

Finished Coffee Containers


  1. Katy says:

    They turned out great!

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